Join date: Jul 25, 2021

I am Bhawna Agrawal, an NLP practitioner, career counsellor Happiness coach and author with 3 years of experience in training and coaching kids, teenagers, women and youngsters, college students and teachers.

I believe that everyone here is uniques, God's beautiful gift and have the full potential and talent to achieve their own dreams. The only thing that may stop is enslaving themselves into a comfort zone bubble, that bubble maybe sometimes too good to come out and even too bad as well, but serves them to give an excuse for not taking that step to solve the problem in their life, all they need is just one soft gentle prick to break that bubble, and sometimes it needs to be done externally.

My job is to be that soft gentle needle and show them the path of possibilities, and let them know that "you are whole and complete" and just a little shift in their way, in their mindset can bring the joy of action and accomplishments.

I help my clients under the following categories

1. One to one coaching

2. Group Coaching -Incredible you 10 weeks transformational journey, that can be booked by scheduling the first free discovery call for 30 minutes

3. 6 weeks Happiness coaching sessions

4. Career counselling